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Tips to promote your Brand by Email Marketing

August 20th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I start to kick off my ‘Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing’ series from today.  Today’s Topic: Tips  to promote your Brand by Email Marketing

Before all the Tips sharing, I assume your company already builds website, which is the essential part when you want to promote your brand by Online Marketing.

Promote your Brand by Email Marketing you need to consider below steps and tips:

1. Email Marketing Tool. Select suitable email marketing tool is foundation of leading your Email Marketing success. Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. There are many Email Marketing Service Providers in the Market, try to sign up some of them and select the one best suit for your business. If you have no idea about those tools, I introduced 2 Email Marketing Tools for your reference:  AWeber & iContact. One Important for Branding: Please select the one which can design or import your own Email Template.

2. Put Email Subscription Box on you website. Promote your Email subscription box on your website, home page, product page, promotion page and everywhere. Give a chance to your web visitor aka potential customer to know your updated information by subscribing your Email Newsletter.

3. Build & maintain your own email list. Most of the Email Marketing Service Provide Database Management functions in their Email Marketing Tool. Please leverage this function to build your own email subscription list. Never SPAM, Only send to those people who subscribed to your list, and keeps your list clean.

4. Design your own Email Template. If you want to promote brand via Email Marketing, Create your own Email template to align your Website’s layout is a wise choice. Highlight your Company’s name and Logo to make sure your subscribers could recognize your brand by just take a look at Email.

5. Blast your Email regularly. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly Email Marketing activities relay on your own business. Keep in mind send your newsletter regularly, like every Wednesday 10 AM. It will just fulfill customers’ expectation.

6. Deliver valuable information. Email is not only for company to announce their new products, but also a great chance to share the valuable information with customers. Bring some value added info to customer will makes brand more valuable.

7. Keeps your Email ‘From’ consistent. You can use your company’s name in Email ‘From’ field, but please keep it consistent. People always decide open or delete email base on who send email to them. Use your company’s name as ‘From’ is also a great way to let people knows your brand. But need to keep it within 20 characters.

8. Response your customer’s feedback. You will get a lot of customer’s feedback by simply replying your Newsletter. Use this great chance to communicate with your customer will highly benefit your brand.

Above Tips seems simple but all of them are very practical to promote brand by Email Marketing. Make a plan to start it from today, I bet you will see very positive result!


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