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Trigger-based email marketing

March 17th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Trigger-based email marketing is probably the most effective email campaign management because it truly is one-to-one based on the relationship between you and the subscriber. To be successful though, you must be certain to define your business rules, set frequency limits, and remember the importance of recency. It probably wouldn’t hurt to start out simple as well. Automated campaigns can create a truly significant campaign that the recipient is excited to receive. Always think about the customer when creating the rules, since you do want your email marketing to be a positive experience that reinforces your brand. Here are three types of trigger-based email campaigns that you can begin to incorporate into your current program:

> Transactional Triggers
> Recurring Triggers
> Threshold Triggers

Not certain how this fits into your current program?
Here are just a few ideas of how to get started:

Welcome Programs
Incorporate trigger-based email messages into your welcome messages. For example, create a welcome message when one of the following actions is completed: download, purchase, sales inquiry, or registration.

Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Programs
You can create effective cross-sell and up-sell email campaigns using trigger-based actions based on your customers purchase profiles.

Lead Nurture Programs
Create action-based email triggers for your prospects that messages to their interests and introduces them to your company seamlessly based upon their website behavior.

Customer Satisfaction Programs
Consider creating an automated message that will be trigged when a customer makes a big item purchase to gauge their satisfaction with the process.

Abandonment Programs
When a customer abandons their shopping cart, trigger a message regarding their abandoned items and offer an incentive to complete the purchase.

Win-Back Programs
If you haven’t had a customer return to your site or make a purchase in six months or more, integrate a win-back email that entices the customer

Take these 6 and apply them to your email marketing. They will create a healthy discussion about your business objectives and how to create a successful strategy using trigger-based email marketing. But not only that, you will also engage your subscribers and create additional ROI in the following months.

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