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5 Tips to increase Opt-in of Email Marketing

October 13th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

From Email Marketing’s perspective, increase opt-in rate will help company to earn more potential customers to be ‘educated’ or ‘influenced’. Raising opt-in rate also could bring more sales opportunities which is the most critical factor for all companies.

Today I would like to share some tips to increase email opt-in base one chapter of  the “MarketingSherpa 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide”.

Want to raising Opt-Ins? Offer Benefits to Encourage Consumer Subscriptions!

To Increase Opt-ins, you need to Offer Real Benefits!


Consumers want more from email programs than they’ve been given. They want special treatment, and they deserve it; they’re giving up their precious time in exchange for the ‘benefit’ of content – so that content should convey some real benefits.

1. Guarantee to not share your address with other companies.
2. Special pricing for email subscribers.
3. Ability to customize how frequently you receive emails.
4. Ability to customize the information you receive to meet your needs.
5. ‘Firstlook’ at new products, services.

If you want to win customers to opt in, you need offer something in exchange. Base on the chart, at least 50% of the sample would be at least somewhat more likely to subscribe if offered any of the benefits listed. The highest response is for email privacy, but special pricing and customization capabilities also rate very well.

Leverage those 5 tips to win more opt in for your future Email Marketing.

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Convert Subscribers to Sale, Automatically!

September 15th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Have you ever noticed how important of your subscribers are? Ever thought about how to leverage those subscribers? How to convert those subscribers to Sale?

I would like to share some tips and steps to help you convert your subscribers to sale, Automatically!

1. Subscriber Sign Up Form. If you want to collect data from your customer, you need provide a ‘Entry Box’ to allow your customer subscribe in. And for sure, incentive program always works to stimulate customer to subscribe.  Example:


2. Automatic Nurturing Program. Some email marketing tools do provide ‘auto-response’ function which allows you to upload email template and send email at specific email at specific time point as designed.

> Design email templates by simulate client subscribe time stream. ‘Thank you for singing up email template’, ‘Introduction of company email template’, ‘Product promotion email template’, ‘Online VOD Invitation’, ‘High Discount incentive email template ‘… upload those to email marketing tool.

> Setup email auto-response time point.  Send ‘Thank you for signing up email’ right away when client subscribe. And 24 hours later send ‘Introduction of company email’, ‘Product promotion email’ will be sent at 72 hours sharp after client subscribe to you list. ect…

> Convert to sale Automatically. Send promotion & Incentive related email at 3rd and 7th rounds of email touching. These 2 numbers come from nowhere but only base on my personal experience. Touch your client 7 times, the brand will be recognized by client. Keep touching them after the 7th-incentive-email even they are still not buying. Believe me, they do will consider your product when they have needs in the future.

3. Select Auto-Respond Email Marketing Tool. Here are 2 email tools base on my personal experience. AWeber & iContact. The auto-responder function of AWeber, I like it very much! I can upload my pre-drafted email and set response time. Seems it is currently on promotion, only charge 1$/month. Worth to try! If it’s not working, just drop and stop using it.


Good Luck to convert your subscribers to sale!

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15 Tips to Build Subscriber List

June 3rd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

‘Build your own subscriber list, Don’t BUY!’ is the very first point of my blog ‘5 Tips to start Database Marketing‘.

Today, I recieved a email from the famous Email Marketing Service Provider GetResponse to share with me 15 Tips to build subscriber list. After I gone thru it, I noticed that it’s very worth to share with all of you. hopes that helps you as well.

Below are 15 list-building Tips that will help you to make the most of your email marketing efforts:  [By GetResponse]

1. Provide useful, relevant and unique content. Your visitors will not give you their email addresses just because they can subscribe to your newsletter free of charge. You have to provide unique and valuable information that will be useful to your subscribers.

2. Add a subscription form to every page of your website. Make sure it stands out so it is easy to find. If appropriate, you can also include it in more than one place. For instance, your opt-in form might always appear in the top-left corner of your site, while you also include an opt-in at the bottom of some of your popular articles.

3. Make it easy for your reader to sign up. The more information you request, the fewer people will opt-in. In most cases, a name and an email address should suffice. If it’s not necessary, don’t include it here. (Note: If you don’t have a Privacy Policy, put the words “privacy policy generator” into a search engine and you should be able to find a suitable form for your readers to review.

4. Publish a Privacy Policy. Let your readers know that they can be confident you will not share their information with others. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Privacy Policy web page and provide the link to it below your opt-in form.

5. Show your first issue or other sample to your visitors. This lets potential subscribers review your newsletter before they sign up to determine if it is something they’d be interested in.

6. Archive past newsletter issues. A “library” of past newsletters is both appealing and useful to visitors and builds your credibility as an authority. In addition, if your articles are written with good SEO techniques in mind, they can send additional traffic to your web site through good search engine positioning.

7. Contact other newsletter publishers. Introduce yourself and explore ways you may be able to help each other. Perhaps you can introduce other publisher’s newsletters or print articles they have written to your list, with a link to sign up. When you contact them, be sure to tell them why you think THEIR readers would like what you have to offer and why YOUR readers would benefit from their newsletters. This is a win-win scenario; both of you will build your lists faster!

8. Give away bonuses subscribers can use. Create an opt-in bonus for joining your subscriber list. You can write an ebook or PDF report, or even hire a programmer to create downloadable or web-based software. But don’t limit yourself to only a gift for new opt-ins. Remind your readers that the next bonus is coming soon. People hate to miss out on things. If you systematically pass on “goodies” throughout the year, your subscribers are unlikely to leave.

9. Ask your subscribers to pass it on. Word of mouth is a powerful viral technique that works great with email marketing. If your subscribers find the content you share with them to be informative, they will pass your newsletter on to their friends. This can be a good source of new subscribers.

10. Let others reprint your newsletter as long as the content is not modified. Many webmasters and newsletter publishers are actively looking for high-quality content and, if they reprint your newsletter, you will get new subscribers, traffic and links pointing to your site.

11. Include a “Sign Up” button in the newsletter. If you are using plain text instead of HTML, provide a text link to your subscription page. You may feel that this is not required because the subscriber is already on your list, but remember that readers will forward your newsletters to others, or reprint it online. You want to make it easy for them to subscribe.

12. Add a squeeze page. A squeeze page has one goal − to get an opt-in and build your list. Think of it like a mini-sales letter for your subscription or opt-in bonus. It features a powerful headline and a couple of very important benefits that should make subscribers salivate to sign up to your list. Once created, use a service such as WordTracker to find hundreds of targeted keywords, and advertise there using pay-per-click advertising from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

13. Include testimonials on your squeeze page. This is crucial. Put 1 or 2 strong testimonials from satisfied subscribers on your squeeze page. This can be in any format, but you may find that multimedia (audio or video social proof) is more “believable”. To increase that believability, include full names, locations and/or urls; don’t use “Bob K, FL” as a testimonial name.

14. Blog religiously. Blogging is a great way to communicate with your potential customers, and it creates a nice synergy with your email marketing. Be sure to include your newsletter sign-up form on each page of your blog. You can start a free blog at Blogger or WordPress.

15. Post on other blogs. Post great comments and information on similar blogs with a link to your squeeze or opt-in page. Also comment on others’ blogs through trackbacks. In most cases, your comments will be posted on their blogs with a link back to your site. This is an easy way to generate new traffic and subscribers.

BTW, I Personally recommend GetResponse as a Great Email Marketing Tool. You can TAKE A TOUR in GetResponse‘s website, and sign up / subscribe to not only use their email marketing service, but also get the precious knowledge as I shared today. Anyway, I will still sharing the tips like that if GetResponse sent me though.

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email marketing requires better subscriber lists

March 1st, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

As companies cut budgets to streamline operations in these tough economic times, e-mail marketing managers are feeling the heat to deliver stronger results. In many instances, direct mail budgets are being slashed, with some of those funds diverted to e-mail as a potentially more cost-effective use of marketing dollars.

The people making those budget decisions are also transferring high expectations that the e-mail channel will make up for lost sales they once expected from direct marketing.

Sharpening your company’s e-mail subscriber list is a key factor in improving results of online marketing campaigns, offering these tips to help make that happen:

1. Relevance is more critical than ever before. Put yourself inside the readers’ mind and make sure you really understand the people you’re sending e-mails to, Jennings said. In some cases, you may need greater segmentation of your list. What you send a junior-level or a senior-level IT person on your list may be very different.
2. Build relationships. Spend time understanding what information is critical to readers on your e-mail list. It’s imperative to know what subscribers need to do their job better in their markets. The more you can do to show them you understand their needs, the more likely they will buy from you down the road.
3. Eliminate the dead wood. It’s worthwhile to comb through your e-mail list and eliminate those who aren’t responding at all. If you’re sending e-mails monthly and someone hasn’t opened a single one in a year, chances are they’re not going to open any going forward, either. People don’t really unsubscribe anymore; they just ignore you. What’s more, some of those unresponsive individuals may have been laid off by their companies and the IT departments may not have gotten around to returning the bounce to let you know they’re gone.
4. Test to optimize performance. If you’re getting a little more money in your e-mail budget, spend 10% to 20% of it on testing to learn more about what will trigger people on your subscriber list to respond to your e-mails. What you learn may result in a 1% lift in your conversion rate. That doesn’t seem like much but, if you can do that consistently, it adds up over time. Plus, you’ll never improve your effort if you’re not testing it.

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