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The most effective way of doing marketing

January 9th, 2009 by admin

I posted a quick survey on a social network website days ago which subject was ‘Which one do you think is the most effective way to generate your buying demands?’

Base on this quick survey, I was intend to get a roughly idea about how people think about the different ways of doing marketing, and which one is the most attractive for customer. In the past 3 days, i lucky got 134 responses in total. And detail as below:

Age range of responders: 23~33


Come out:

- Mouth of word marketing which is very shinny concept as always, in eMarketing field, the mouth-of-word should be down to blog marketing & social network marketing. ‘people taking’ is the best way of doing marketing, especially important for consumer products.

- Online Marketing (Blog, Ad Banner, eMail, Social Network) is better then before, but still need to leverage traditional marketing like TV, Mag, Outdoor, etc.  Though online Marketing is always getting better ROI then traditional way, We still need to cover the potential client who’s not get online yet.

- Marketing ROI is key performance to be considered, especially for the start-up company & SMB company, Different Marketing strategy should suit for different phase of company develop.

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