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6 Tips to Generate Leads Online in Low Cost

September 22nd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Lead generation online is the most important purpose beyond general awareness of advertisement, especially for B2B companies. Marketers use different tactics to drive traffic to survey form and collect information from them. Marketers also leverage incentive program to stimulate client to submit their information to get higher ROI.

Today I would like to share some tips to generate online leads in very low cost.

1. Send souvenir or gift to each responder.

The most effective method to get registration and lead response, but hard to control cost, please do consider the gift deliver in the total cost as well.

2. Luck draw with bigger prize.

Set one or two bigger prize like iPhone or iPod as response incentive in online campaign. Note the most informative response or the luckiest people will win this prize. Cost are not very high and those kind of stimulate program always works.

3. Leverage affiliate platform.

Join some affiliate platforms like CJ, post your requirements there, declare how much you will spend for one each qualified lead.  If the offer is attractive enough, lots of webmasters would like to jump in and help you to promote your program. For those Pay per registration, the benefit you can get is better ROI as you designed for the program.

4. Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ .

Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ to ask your potential client to submit their information not only help you to collect lead response, but also will stimulate your sales growth.

5. Offer Access to valuable-information pages.

Offer special access to stimulate response works for business like publisher, stock or other information-valuable industry.  For those responders, information equals real dollar or opportunity to earn high profit.

6. Offer White-pagers or Webinars.

Prepare white-paper or hold webinar and use them as offer to ask your client to feedback their lead response will cost you nothing and also help you to win more high quality prospects.

Good luck for you to generate more leads online!

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Increasing Sales Pipelines through Online Lead Generation

March 23rd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

New sales leads are a quick way to increase profits and revenue. Making sales numbers consistently and predictably requires a consistent flow of leads. Learn how you can feed your sales organization with a steady flow of prospective customers.

Start with Basic Lead Generation

Start to fill your sales pipeline by attracting customers, targeted prospects. This can be achieved by providing information and services that these customers need to make decisions. This should be the objective of your sales lead generation platform.

Here is a simple framework to use in creating your first lead generation platform:

* Descriptive domain or URL
* Blog software
* Post keyword-based articles
* Add in interactive widgets (i.e., mortgage calculators)
* Highlight contact information

With this set-up you can, without any knowledge of SEO or web development, quickly get yourself into relevant Google search queries. Bringing in targeted customers to your organization with their searches. It will also validate and reinforce your other offline marketing efforts.

Learn the Sales Process Before Spending

The first reaction of most sales teams is to take the short-cut and start buying leads or traffic. The smarter approach is to learn how to handle and generate Internet leads and then begin spending.

Online customers are different and require a different sales process. So, learn how how to build a sales process that converts first–then think about spending more marketing dollars.

Certainly at start-up your own online lead generation efforts are not going to flush your sales team full of leads. To make this work you will need to subsidize your own lead generation.

Start with some inexpensive Internet leads. Start you practice with low risk, this allows you to refine your sales and lead management process. You will find that Internet leads and high volume sales pipelines need to be managed differently.

Achieve Quality, Then Scale

Once you have your lead generation in place, learn to subsidize this flow by buying leads, and optimizing your lead management. This will build up your sales lead generation capability.

While carefully tracking your lead performance and profits, begin to improve the quality of those leads. Improve your own lead generation as well as that of the leads you buy. Smartly scale your sales operations. To do this you need to closely monitor sale performance and metrics.

Be Creative

Once you have the basics down, you will get a steady flow of leads–start trying some more creative approaches. Test different lead generation techniques, alternate lead providers, and refined sales processes.

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