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Sales Lead Generation Online and Offline

March 17th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Lead generation is the very best way to build a list of potential customers. Any business relies on lead generation to grow and remain profitable, but there are many different ways to generate leads – both online and offline – and each has their advantages.

It is possible to outsource your lead generation to a third party company. These companies or individuals will then have to be paid a commission for each lead that they generate. The cost per lead will greatly depend upon the industry you are in as well as the value each lead has for you. This can be an expensive option however, and should only be chosen where budget allows. Lead outsourcing works both on the Internet and offline as well, although you will probably pay significantly more for offline lead generation due to the extra labor involved.

Buying lists from lead companies is a less expensive leads generation tactic. Just beware that the lists you are buying are current as they can become outdated rather quickly in some industries. Buying lists is a great choice if you are focusing on email marketing rather than direct marketing.

Internet marketing leads generation is possibly the most cost effective and often the most responsive way to generate leads. You can reach a massive audience of prospective clients and it is very easy to collect information from people. Simply collecting their name and email address from your site is an easy way to quickly build a huge list. By offering something for free as an incentive for them to sign up to your email marketing list, you increase the chances of more people registering. You can then easily send out emails to your prospects as often as you like.

If you are focusing solely on a local market rather than a larger one, then hosting community events is an excellent way to generate leads. Collecting demographic data is vital as well.

Customer referrals are an old but effective leads generation technique in the offline world (although it can also work online). Instructing your existing customers to tell their friends about your business is one of the best ways to gain more customers. Offering an incentive for this act is a fantastic way to encourage people to pass on their praise for you.

Leads generation both online and offline is the only true way to continue growing your business and future profit potential each and everyday.

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