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7 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

September 28th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Conversion rate is a crucial number for Online Marketing. Marketer adopt all methods to drive traffic to landing page, and increase conversion rate are the final goal they expect. Increase even only 1% of conversation rate will bring more profit.

I would like to share some tips to increase conversion rate.

1. Makes your Landing page being trusted. If you want people buy your product online, you need get their trust first. some rules you can follow:
- Makes your landing page and website looks clean and professional.
- Real office & employee pictures publish on company introduction page.
- Add testimonials in the selling page.
- Add company achievement & trusted badges.

2. Offer product which visitor is looking for. What will be your customers’ expectation after they click link from search engine result? Offer something the visitor’s looking for and keep your media content consistent with your landing page as well.

3. Highlight the discount. People do love discount! That’s the reason why sometimes they even buy staff they have no need when the product’s discount attractive enough! Thus, highlight your discount and make it attractive will definitely increase your conversion rate.

4. Time-limited sales promotions – countdown. Locate a time-limited special offer & counting down clock is always worked.

5. Attractive Call to Action button. Use strong call to action button to stimulate your visitor to finally click it and convert to sale, it is very efficient and cost nothing. The attractive color of buttons also can increase conversion rate in a simple way.

6. Makes checkout easily. Provide easy check out steps for client to complete their order, otherwise they will drop in nowhere. PayPal and Google checkout are good options.

7. Post-sale. Display some related products at last step of customer order submission, offer some special discounts, or do the same thing at the ‘Thank you for your purchasing’ email instead of just simply say thank you! It will bring you profit out of your expectation.

Let’s do a quick math, your media investment is $1,000, which could bring you 10,000 visits for your landing page. If your current conversion rate is 1%, you may win 100 orders. and if earning for each order is $10, you are in break-even pint.

Investment $1,000 | Earning:  10,000 *1%*10 = $1,000 | Profit = $0

How much the profit will  be by increase 1 percent of conversion rate? You will get $1,000 by cost nothing more.

Investment $1,000 | Earning:  10,000 *2%*10 = $2,000 | Profit = $1,000

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8 Tips to build effective Landing Page

August 3rd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

After you considered email subject, content and call to action button, want to blast your email in your Email Marketing Campaign program, Please keep in mind that you need to build a effective, attractive and high conversions Landing Page, here are some Tips for your reference:

1.  Make sure the landing page content should be highly relevant with your email content. Visit won’t expect a totally different topic after he click the ‘attractive’ call to action button in email.

2. Don’t be too wordy. Use some graphs and appropriate pictures to make the landing page layout more attractive.

3.  Strong Call to Action. You don’t want your visitor just stopped by or bounced from your landing page without any actions. Design a Strong, attractive call to action button as you did in the email. (Large and Red button always good choice)

4.  Put important content in the top of the landing page. visitors always to rush to bounced from your landing page, so put your most valuable content on top spot of the page.

5. Offers. Great offers can bring you more registrations

6. Testimonial or successful story. Show some testimonials or successful story is wildly used when you promote your product in landing page, let your product or customer talk by themselves.

7.  Trust badge or Logo. put all honor and award of this product in the page will drive your visitor put more credit on it.

8.  Be sure your page is easy to load. No Bugs, can be loaded in a second, you don’t want waste your visitors time, won’t you?

Hope above 8 simple Tips could helps you to build your own landing page.

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