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Start your own Email Marketing

June 4th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I introduced a great Email Marketing tool months ago, lots of my friends and blog audiences asked me to suggest a alternative tool, or a better one,  here it comes: iContact.

Today, I would like to recommend this Famous Email Marketing Tool: iContact. I believe most of people who care about email marketing may hear about it before. I got at least 15 emails and messages from my friends from Linkedin and blog audiences mentioned iContact is their favorite, and gave out a lot of positive comments. I thinks it’s good to share with other friends who may currently looking for the service or tool to start their own Email Marketing.

Great news:  iContact is FREE for Trial Now, Sign up and take a look to see if it can meet your Email Marketing requirement, You have nothing to lose. If it still not meet your requirements.

Here are some Major features for your reference:


Get started by adding contacts to your list.


Now you’re ready to create a new message!


Or create a survey instead!


Send the message and track the results!


I recommend you to sign up iContact for Free to try to start your own email Marketing! I bet you have nothing to lose at all:


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Steps of doing email marketing – Why?

April 2nd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

People who read my blog aware of the necessarily of doing email marketing more or less, some of them are very experienced in email marketing and eMarketing for a long time with very rich experience, but for some of others still struggling how to have a start, They consult me and ask me to suggest essential steps of starting their own email marketing. Here we go:

[Why???]  5 questions to ask yourself before you start to use email marketing

Why email marketing?
Everyone knows that email is the best tactic of doing online marketing, with Highest ROI, around 1:43. Very cost efficiency, and easy to start. But are you ready to do this? Have you fully prepared? Did research?

What’s the purpose of doing email marketing? And what’s the goal?
You want to deliver messages to your customers only or you want more interaction with you your customer via email? The purpose is awareness? Consideration? Or you call any actions? Or generate more leads?

What’s your advantage of doing email marketing?
Your unique products? Your impressive price? Or your exclusive information in the email? What benefit your customers can get in your email? You need always offer valuable information, that’s the key!

Who is your target audience?
Who will you sent your email to? Do you have in-house email list already? Have you collected your customer’s email information during the daily business operation? If not, start from now on.

Which Email Service Provider is suit for you?
There are lots of ESPs in the market, such as AWeber, iContact… which one is the best suit of you? Did some research, learn the features of these email marketing tools, and choose the one which can meet your requirements. (I will share how to choose the ESP later with my experience)

Double consider above questions before you get your hands dirty.

To be continue …

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