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2009 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

February 5th, 2010 by XDXY eMarketing

Email Marketing Service Provider – Silverpop recently published a Study report base on their client database.

In this study report, they analysis the email marketing benchmark from below 3 respects:

  • Deeper Perspective in Benchmarks
  • International Comparison
  • Benchmarks Beyond “Average”

I would like to share some highlights here and details can be found in attachment.

Open Rate

While average and median open rates are fairly close, across-the-board, top quartile performers are roughly 50 percent higher than the median and +/- 100 percent above bottom quartile performers. Disparities among the different measures for the gross open rate is even greater, with top performers achieving rates more than 150 percent higher.


Click-Through Rate


  • Click-Through Rate: Top quartile performers were more than 130 percent higher than the median and 430 percent higher than bottom performers.
  • Click-to-Open-Rate: While more than a quarter of recipients in the top quartile opened and clicked, fewer than 7 of every 100 recipients in the bottom quartile did so. Top quarter performers were also 77 percent higher than median and 290 percent higher than bottom performers.
  • Clicks-Per-Clicker: Top quartile performers were more than 19 percent higher than the median and 35 percent higher than bottom performers.


Bounce Rate / Unsubscribe Rate / Complaint Rate


For more details, download the ‘2009 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study’ report by clicking here. And tweet it to share with your friends!

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2008 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

June 25th, 2009 by admin

I recieved a good report from Experian Market Service today which named ‘The 2009 digital marketer:Benchmark and trend report‘(3.45MB). The chapter of Email Marketing Benchmark realy worth to share with you for your reference.

Bounce rates
Bounce rates decreased in the first quarter of the year and then began to increase steadily. The higher numbers in the latter part of the year might be attributed to an increase in mailings to inactive groups or segments that are not mailed to as frequently during the year.

2008 bounce rates by month


Open rates
Total and unique open rates remained steady throughout the year, and, with the exception of December, open rates did not decrease significantly in the second half of the year as volumes climbed.

2008 total and unique open rates by month

Click rates
After March, total click rates fell one percentage point, with unique rates falling only half a point. The total and unique click rates remained relatively steady throughout the second half of the year, indicating consistent subscriber engagement in commercial e-mails.

Total and unique click rates by month


or you can download the full version of it: ‘The 2009 digital marketer:Benchmark and trend report‘(3.45MB).

Good luck

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