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March 22nd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

What’s the Best Email Marketing tool? Best Email Marketing Application? Best Email Marketing solution?

Since I’m focusing on email marketing, some friends either email or call me directly to ask a recommendation of email marketing tool for them. They have same situation as below:

- Start-up company (Small & Middle Business)
- DO know email is great method which can help them to do marketing
- limited budget on email marketing but want to boost from now on

I did some research on the most popular email marketing applications for my friends and I think it’s better to share with my blog audience, If they have question, some of you may the same.

The most popular email marketing applications in the market are: AWeber, iContact, mailchimp, GetResponse. My personal best email marketing tool prize goes to AWeber.

The reason why I recommend Aweber:

1. Very Low cost, $19 per month will allow you to maintain a mailing list of between 0-500 subscribers. AWeber offer a 30 day money back guarantee

2. Autoresponder for trigger marketing!
nurture your relationships with subscribers automatically from the moment they sign up.
You can use it to welcome new subscribers, educate them about your products, and drive them back to your website, without having to manually re-send the emails to each and every one!


3. Email Newsletter.
Send engaging email newsletters to your opt-in subscribers.
Already know what you’re going to send in your next few issues? Create and schedule them all in one sitting – we’ll automatically send each one at the date and time you tell us to. Even segment subscribers based on who clicked and who didn’t.


4. Top Notch Email Deliverability.
In an era where spam blocking and filtering make it increasingly difficult for small businesses to get their email delivered, our customers continue to reach their subscribers’ inboxes.
From building and nurturing relationships with ISPs over the past 11+ years, to automatically removing unsubscribes and bounces, we do what it takes to get your requested email delivered time and again.


Have you been thinking about setting up for email marketing? If so, as I said I strongly recommend you give it a try to Aweber. With their money back guarantee, you’ve really got nothing to lose, and potentially have a lot to gain.

Click this banner to have a start:

I’d happily recommend AWeber to anyone.

In a future post, I’ll provide some ideas about what you can do with AWeber.

Believe or not?

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