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Start your own Email Marketing

June 4th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I introduced a great Email Marketing tool months ago, lots of my friends and blog audiences asked me to suggest a alternative tool, or a better one,  here it comes: iContact.

Today, I would like to recommend this Famous Email Marketing Tool: iContact. I believe most of people who care about email marketing may hear about it before. I got at least 15 emails and messages from my friends from Linkedin and blog audiences mentioned iContact is their favorite, and gave out a lot of positive comments. I thinks it’s good to share with other friends who may currently looking for the service or tool to start their own Email Marketing.

Great news:  iContact is FREE for Trial Now, Sign up and take a look to see if it can meet your Email Marketing requirement, You have nothing to lose. If it still not meet your requirements.

Here are some Major features for your reference:


Get started by adding contacts to your list.


Now you’re ready to create a new message!


Or create a survey instead!


Send the message and track the results!


I recommend you to sign up iContact for Free to try to start your own email Marketing! I bet you have nothing to lose at all:


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