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Tips to promote your Brand by Webinar

September 7th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Webinar is new stuff compares to previous topics over my <<Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing>> series. Not like Email Marketing, Database Marketing, Online Ad Marketing, Webinar is getting popular and widely used in the recent couple years. Just like on grand marketing event, Webinar is playing important role in the new Internet-virtual-world. Since it’s very cost efficiency, more and more marketers increased investment on it.

I was blogged two articles of Webinar tips. One is Webinar invitation tips, another is focus on how to host a webinar. Today, I would like to share some tips to use Webinar to promote brand.

1. Get appropriate webinar tool/platform. I recommend 2 tools for your reference. Webex, very easy to organize, help you to host fast and stable webinar. GoToWebinar, sub-product of GoToMeeting, never used it before, you can try free trial for both of them by checking on their website.

2. Customize your webinar. Most of the Online Meeting and Webinar platforms provide the feature of customization. It’s great opportunity to promote brand, upload companies logo, highlight keywords and slogan of current campaign, it do will help to emphasize the message you want to deliver to attendees.

3. Co-branding with Big Brand. Internet is a equitable world. It’s more easy to get chance to place your logo just next to big brand which hardly happened in real world. Makes your webinar topic unique and interesting, send invitation to big companies to offer free speaker and promote opportunities. You will have highly chance to co-branding with them.

4. Play advertisement video in the waiting period. Most of you may already aware that neither webinar nor online meeting will start on time sharply. Cleverly use the minutes before webinar kickoff to play brand ad video will help to get perfect impression.

5. Survey during the break session. Post a survey during the break session with insentive program will not only help you to understand attendees, but also a great chance to win more subscriptions.

6. Post-Webinar letters. Post webinar letter not just equals to Thank You letter, but more then that. Offer some valuable whitepapers to win them as subscriber, send them email regularly with either newsletter or discount promotion. Believe me, you will fall in love with the profit you can get from it.



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6 Tips to attract prospect to register Webinar

August 10th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Due to the global economic recession. Marketer started to focus on the more cost-efficiency Webinar instead of traditional seminar. I was blogged one topic of ‘Tips of host a Webinar‘ months ago. And today I would like to share some ideas about how to attract your prospect and customer to register your Webinar.

1. Promotion your Webinar by all methods: Email Marketing, Online Ad/Test Link, SEM, Social Network, Community…

2. Make sure your Webinar registration page consistent with your promotion. Your prospect may interesting in topic of ‘Email Marketing’, and when he receives a email from you to invite him to register a Email Marketing related Webinar, he would like to click the call to action button to register, but if the registration page is showing other topic, he may drop off in a second.

3. Make the webinar topic clear on promotion.  I noticed that some of webinar advertisement even not mentioned on the promotion, what do you expect your prospect to do? click the Ad to find out the topic?

4. Brief benefits your prospect will get to attend webinar.  highlight the benefits to your prospect on promotion, tell them what they will get after register and attend this webinar. As I always said, Give them a reason to do so!

5. Promote your webinar to specific target audience.  For the topic of  ‘Email Marketing’ Webinar, you don’t need to put your Ad in the front page of Yahoo! segment by age rage, area,  keywords over facebook maybe a wise choice.

6. Keep your webinar registration form as simple as possible. people would not like to provide personal information. put a webinar post-survey with some incentive offer will help you to get more information from your client.

Hope above 6 simple tips could help you to drive more webinar registration from your prospect.

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Tips of host a webinar

April 8th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

We recently hosted 5 webinars, I’m here summary some tips to share with you all and I hope those little tips could make your webinar more efficiently and generate more sales lead.

1. Get a interesting / attractive topic.
Topic is very important, I guess no one will spend a hour to hear you telling them how to ‘Wash hands’, so offer some valuable information will be a good start.

2. Select a best-suit webinar tool. Sorry I can share nothing since I only used WebEx as a tool of Webinar.

3. Invite guest speakers. Try your best to invite some guest speakers who are professionals in your industry. people love to hearing from them especially the famous one. If those speakers recommend your products or services over the webinar, guess what will happen?

4. Send invitation & ask to register. Send webinar invitation via email at least one week before the day of webinar. You can get the roughly idea about how many people will show up in the register information.

5. Send Reminder letter. People are always busy and forget appointments all the time. Send reminder and attach outlook calender file to book their time.

6. Rehearsal. Get a group of people (could be internal staff) to test & go through the process before the real webinar happen to make sure everything is fine.

7. Adjust topic. You even can adjust some topic base on the registration information. for example, if there are more then 80% are business people, please do keep your topic away from technical.

8. Keep Webinar within 1 hour. Short always equals efficient!

9. Survey. You can post survey during or after the webinar to select the information and attendee’s comments.

10. Q&A session. Leave 5 to 10 minutes for Q&A to answer attendee’s question.

11. Follow up email. Please do send email either a thank you letter or asking for feedback to all attendee within one day. It’s a great timing to get your connection deeper and you will always get valuable information.

hope above tips could help you to host a successfully webinar.

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