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Tips to Protect Online Brand

October 29th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I wrote series articles regarding how to Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing which including below topics:

- Tips to promote your Brand by Email Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Database Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Social Network Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Search Engine Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Online Ad Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Webinar
- Tips to promote your Brand by Integrated Online Campaign

But beyond promote brand, protect online brand is also important. Frankly, I never thought in that way until  I recently read a white-paper about Online Brand Protection, ‘A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Proactive Strategy’, from MarkMonitor.



As the Web continues to become a more dynamic and vital part of every corporation, today’s enterprises need to become more proactive at anticipating exploits and abuses that can tarnish their reputation and negatively impact their business operations by consolidating their Internet domain names and putting in place a series of protective measures.

This paper shows you the steps you need to take to monitor your total online presence and strategically protect your various corporate brands, trademarks, and domains. Worth download to read through:

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7 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

September 28th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Conversion rate is a crucial number for Online Marketing. Marketer adopt all methods to drive traffic to landing page, and increase conversion rate are the final goal they expect. Increase even only 1% of conversation rate will bring more profit.

I would like to share some tips to increase conversion rate.

1. Makes your Landing page being trusted. If you want people buy your product online, you need get their trust first. some rules you can follow:
- Makes your landing page and website looks clean and professional.
- Real office & employee pictures publish on company introduction page.
- Add testimonials in the selling page.
- Add company achievement & trusted badges.

2. Offer product which visitor is looking for. What will be your customers’ expectation after they click link from search engine result? Offer something the visitor’s looking for and keep your media content consistent with your landing page as well.

3. Highlight the discount. People do love discount! That’s the reason why sometimes they even buy staff they have no need when the product’s discount attractive enough! Thus, highlight your discount and make it attractive will definitely increase your conversion rate.

4. Time-limited sales promotions – countdown. Locate a time-limited special offer & counting down clock is always worked.

5. Attractive Call to Action button. Use strong call to action button to stimulate your visitor to finally click it and convert to sale, it is very efficient and cost nothing. The attractive color of buttons also can increase conversion rate in a simple way.

6. Makes checkout easily. Provide easy check out steps for client to complete their order, otherwise they will drop in nowhere. PayPal and Google checkout are good options.

7. Post-sale. Display some related products at last step of customer order submission, offer some special discounts, or do the same thing at the ‘Thank you for your purchasing’ email instead of just simply say thank you! It will bring you profit out of your expectation.

Let’s do a quick math, your media investment is $1,000, which could bring you 10,000 visits for your landing page. If your current conversion rate is 1%, you may win 100 orders. and if earning for each order is $10, you are in break-even pint.

Investment $1,000 | Earning:  10,000 *1%*10 = $1,000 | Profit = $0

How much the profit will  be by increase 1 percent of conversion rate? You will get $1,000 by cost nothing more.

Investment $1,000 | Earning:  10,000 *2%*10 = $2,000 | Profit = $1,000

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6 Tips to Generate Leads Online in Low Cost

September 22nd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Lead generation online is the most important purpose beyond general awareness of advertisement, especially for B2B companies. Marketers use different tactics to drive traffic to survey form and collect information from them. Marketers also leverage incentive program to stimulate client to submit their information to get higher ROI.

Today I would like to share some tips to generate online leads in very low cost.

1. Send souvenir or gift to each responder.

The most effective method to get registration and lead response, but hard to control cost, please do consider the gift deliver in the total cost as well.

2. Luck draw with bigger prize.

Set one or two bigger prize like iPhone or iPod as response incentive in online campaign. Note the most informative response or the luckiest people will win this prize. Cost are not very high and those kind of stimulate program always works.

3. Leverage affiliate platform.

Join some affiliate platforms like CJ, post your requirements there, declare how much you will spend for one each qualified lead.  If the offer is attractive enough, lots of webmasters would like to jump in and help you to promote your program. For those Pay per registration, the benefit you can get is better ROI as you designed for the program.

4. Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ .

Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ to ask your potential client to submit their information not only help you to collect lead response, but also will stimulate your sales growth.

5. Offer Access to valuable-information pages.

Offer special access to stimulate response works for business like publisher, stock or other information-valuable industry.  For those responders, information equals real dollar or opportunity to earn high profit.

6. Offer White-pagers or Webinars.

Prepare white-paper or hold webinar and use them as offer to ask your client to feedback their lead response will cost you nothing and also help you to win more high quality prospects.

Good luck for you to generate more leads online!

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Convert Subscribers to Sale, Automatically!

September 15th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Have you ever noticed how important of your subscribers are? Ever thought about how to leverage those subscribers? How to convert those subscribers to Sale?

I would like to share some tips and steps to help you convert your subscribers to sale, Automatically!

1. Subscriber Sign Up Form. If you want to collect data from your customer, you need provide a ‘Entry Box’ to allow your customer subscribe in. And for sure, incentive program always works to stimulate customer to subscribe.  Example:


2. Automatic Nurturing Program. Some email marketing tools do provide ‘auto-response’ function which allows you to upload email template and send email at specific email at specific time point as designed.

> Design email templates by simulate client subscribe time stream. ‘Thank you for singing up email template’, ‘Introduction of company email template’, ‘Product promotion email template’, ‘Online VOD Invitation’, ‘High Discount incentive email template ‘… upload those to email marketing tool.

> Setup email auto-response time point.  Send ‘Thank you for signing up email’ right away when client subscribe. And 24 hours later send ‘Introduction of company email’, ‘Product promotion email’ will be sent at 72 hours sharp after client subscribe to you list. ect…

> Convert to sale Automatically. Send promotion & Incentive related email at 3rd and 7th rounds of email touching. These 2 numbers come from nowhere but only base on my personal experience. Touch your client 7 times, the brand will be recognized by client. Keep touching them after the 7th-incentive-email even they are still not buying. Believe me, they do will consider your product when they have needs in the future.

3. Select Auto-Respond Email Marketing Tool. Here are 2 email tools base on my personal experience. AWeber & iContact. The auto-responder function of AWeber, I like it very much! I can upload my pre-drafted email and set response time. Seems it is currently on promotion, only charge 1$/month. Worth to try! If it’s not working, just drop and stop using it.


Good Luck to convert your subscribers to sale!

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Tips to promote your Brand by Integrated Online Campaign

September 9th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

In the last chapter of <<Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing>> series, I would like to talk about ‘Integration’, Tips to promote your Brand by Integrated Online Campaign.

Just like traditional marketing’s IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication), Use Online Marketing to promote brand also requires integrated online Campaign to leverage all online marketing methods. Therefore company can deliver message and touch target audience in multilevels.

Today, I would like to share some tips to help you to start Integrated Online Campaign.

1. Online Marketing Plan. A journey of thousand miles begins with single step. Prepare online marketing plan is the fist step to ensure the online campaign success. Locate marketing dollar, define target audience, create campaign message, select communication channel, make sure all the steps on track.

2. Communication Plan. Communication channel is important part of the whole online marketing plan. You need define which marketing channel you need to use and whom is your target audience. Vary from Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertisement, Webinar, Social Media Marketing, target audience should be toughed in different ways.

3. Asset & Content preparation. In the planning stage of online marketing campaign, please consider to design all advertisements in same style to make sure people can easily recognize your Ad in different channels, being unique! You also need to figure out what messages you want to deliver to audience, prepare the appropriate content base on it.

4. Campaign Monitoring. Compares to traditional marketing, Online marketing are more convenient to be monitored and controlled. You can easy know which offer is most efficient, what communication channel will bring best ROI, and where your marketing dollar should flow to.

5. Response & Feedback handling. Online response can be tracked even in the same-time, if you can keep monitoring what’s your target audience talking about your brand, your product and give out the instant response, I’m sure your client will be impressed.

6. Integrated Online Marketing Campaign with traditional Marketing Campaign. Since Internet is just one portion of mass media, you can only target specific group of audience, leverage the traditional marketing channels like TV, Magazines, Newspapers, outdoors, radio, and put them together to enlarge your target audience group.


<<Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing>> series

- Tips to promote your Brand by Email Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Database Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Social Network Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Search Engine Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Online Ad Marketing
- Tips to promote your Brand by Webinar
- Tips to promote your Brand by Integrated Online Campaign

Download to learn how to Protect and Nurturing your Brand

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