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Planning an E-Newsletter to Build Profitable Long-Term Relationships

November 18th, 2009 by Katherine

Does your business have a regular newsletter? Or are you spending your whole PR budget on advertising?

Good business newsletters are priceless in the long run. Tell people they have to use your software, and anyone who doesn’t immediately agree will delete your ad and forget about it. Provide a list of twenty ways to maximize computer efficiency, and people will remember you as knowledgeable and helpful. Give them helpful computer hints every week for two months, and they’ll appreciate you enough to think of you first when they—or others they know—actually need a software like yours. Consumers like to know that you care about their needs, not simply their money.

But as with any other tool, an e-newsletter is most effective when properly designed. Before your first issue:

* Set a distribution schedule—once a week is ideal—for at least the first six months. Always send newsletters on the same day of the week or month. Not only does this regularly remind consumers of your existence, but they form general opinions of your dependability based on the long-term consistency of your mailings.
* Assign (or hire) an experienced writer to create the text, and a professional designer to prepare the visual template. One reason many newsletters fail is that planners try to dash them off in whatever spare time is available, which invariably results in sloppy, dull writing. Conscientious hard work is as vital here as anywhere else in a business.
* Consider who your readers will be. Potential customers quickly become bored with inside details on company operations. Figure out what larger aspects of your professional field relate to the public’s everyday needs.
* Instead of e-mailing a whole newsletter, consider doing a blog and e-mailing brief descriptions of each new post. (Don’t forget the link!) Blogs are, after all, nothing more than one-article newsletters; and putting your newsletter online eliminates most problems with spam filters, scrambled graphics, and misplaced back issues.
* Keep advertisements to an inconspicuous minimum. Remember that newsletters are not for making sales but for building relationships. Newsletters encourage readers to think well of you, to keep coming back as customers, and to recommend you to their friends. Newsletters are saved for future reference. Newsletters have staying power.

And it’s staying power that determines a business’s ultimate success.


eMarketing Book – the essential guide to online marketing

November 9th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

emarketing_bookOne of my friend recently shared with me a eMarketing Book – the essential guide to online marketing, 2nd edition, which published by Quirk eMarketing Services. I went through it roughly at the weekend, I got a lot from it, especially some case studies, inspired me in some way, and I thought it worth to read for online marketers, I’d like to share it with all of you here:


There is no doubt about it – the Internet has changed the world we live in. Never before has it been so easy to access information, communicate with people all over the globe and share articles, videos, photos and all manner of media.

The Internet has led to an increasingly connected environment, and the growth of Internet usage has resulted in declining distribution of traditional media: television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Marketing in this connected environment and using that connectivity to market is eMarketing.

eMarketing embraces a wide range of strategies, but what underpins successful eMarketing is a user-centric and cohesive approach to these strategies.

The Topic this eBook covering

  • 1. Introduction to eMarketing
  • 2. Email marketing
  • 3. Online advertising
  • 4. Affiliate marketing
  • 5. Search engine marketing
  • 6. Search engine optimization
  • 7. PPC advertising
  • 8. Social media
  • 9. Viral marketing
  • 10. Online reputation management
  • 11. WebPR
  • 12. Web site development and design
  • 13. Online copywriting
  • 14. Web analytics and conversion optimization
  • 15. Mobile marketing
  • 16. Customer relationship management
  • 17. Market research
  • 18. eMarketing strategy
  • 19. Last words
  • 20. Glossary
  • 21. Index
  • 22. Contributors

Thanks for Quirk eMarketing Services provide this great book. Click here to Download (4.64MB).

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Tips to promote your Brand by Social Network Marketing

August 26th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

To continue my <<Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing>> series, I would like to share the Tips to promote your Brand by Social Network Marketing today.

Social Network Website is the best place to promote brand. You can earn tons of impression for your brand, and it’s all FREE! Especially good for Small Business and start-up company, because you have the same weight with those huge brands at Social Network platform. Enjoy it!

Below are the steps and tips:

1. Accounts Registration. Register accounts at those social network platforms to start your social media journey. Some Social Network websites are must: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin…

2. Keeps your accounts consistent.
- Account name & Display name consistent. e.g. I use ‘XDXYeMarketing’ as all my accounts register name, and ‘XDXY eMarketing Tips’ as my displaying name.
- Profile picture consistent. Keeps your profile picture consistent within all social media platforms. You can use either real people’s picture or logo of company as display picture to make sure people can recognize you easily.
- Bio consistant. Keeps your bio updated in very social network websites.

3. Make friends as more you can. Do a quick search on social media to find out who might interest in your product, and send invitation to ask to be friend with them.

4. Join related groups. There are many groups relate to your industory. Join them, make friends with group members, start discussion, being helpful at group.

5. Be informative. Do not just update your product information in social media, and answer others’ question,while sometimes provide entertainment stuff might be a wise choice.

6. Call to action on your status udpate. Put a link at the end of your status update, plus strong call to action slogan like “Download it for FREE!”. You will get more traffic from it.

7. Act professional. Act as you are the top in your industory, people like to be friends with model and follow heros. So act as the one they admire.

Use Social Media is kind like joining a party, you make friends and introduce yourself, listen what people are talking about. If they are interested in you, invite them to your home (your website or blog), and they will start to know you. Maybe not sale product to them right now, but believe me if they know what you sale by talking to you or visit your website, they will back to you whenever they have related demand.

Start to use Social Media Marketing from today, Good Luck!


<<Promote Your Brand by Online Marketing>> series

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Download to learn how to Protect and Nurturing your Brand

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6 Tips to attract prospect to register Webinar

August 10th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Due to the global economic recession. Marketer started to focus on the more cost-efficiency Webinar instead of traditional seminar. I was blogged one topic of ‘Tips of host a Webinar‘ months ago. And today I would like to share some ideas about how to attract your prospect and customer to register your Webinar.

1. Promotion your Webinar by all methods: Email Marketing, Online Ad/Test Link, SEM, Social Network, Community…

2. Make sure your Webinar registration page consistent with your promotion. Your prospect may interesting in topic of ‘Email Marketing’, and when he receives a email from you to invite him to register a Email Marketing related Webinar, he would like to click the call to action button to register, but if the registration page is showing other topic, he may drop off in a second.

3. Make the webinar topic clear on promotion.  I noticed that some of webinar advertisement even not mentioned on the promotion, what do you expect your prospect to do? click the Ad to find out the topic?

4. Brief benefits your prospect will get to attend webinar.  highlight the benefits to your prospect on promotion, tell them what they will get after register and attend this webinar. As I always said, Give them a reason to do so!

5. Promote your webinar to specific target audience.  For the topic of  ‘Email Marketing’ Webinar, you don’t need to put your Ad in the front page of Yahoo! segment by age rage, area,  keywords over facebook maybe a wise choice.

6. Keep your webinar registration form as simple as possible. people would not like to provide personal information. put a webinar post-survey with some incentive offer will help you to get more information from your client.

Hope above 6 simple tips could help you to drive more webinar registration from your prospect.

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Strong Call to Action Button

August 4th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I collected some Strong Call to Action Buttons, hope this can make your either Email or Landing Page’s Call to action more strong!