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6 Tips to Generate Leads Online in Low Cost

September 22nd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Lead generation online is the most important purpose beyond general awareness of advertisement, especially for B2B companies. Marketers use different tactics to drive traffic to survey form and collect information from them. Marketers also leverage incentive program to stimulate client to submit their information to get higher ROI.

Today I would like to share some tips to generate online leads in very low cost.

1. Send souvenir or gift to each responder.

The most effective method to get registration and lead response, but hard to control cost, please do consider the gift deliver in the total cost as well.

2. Luck draw with bigger prize.

Set one or two bigger prize like iPhone or iPod as response incentive in online campaign. Note the most informative response or the luckiest people will win this prize. Cost are not very high and those kind of stimulate program always works.

3. Leverage affiliate platform.

Join some affiliate platforms like CJ, post your requirements there, declare how much you will spend for one each qualified lead.  If the offer is attractive enough, lots of webmasters would like to jump in and help you to promote your program. For those Pay per registration, the benefit you can get is better ROI as you designed for the program.

4. Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ .

Offer ‘rebate coupon’ or ‘cash voucher’ to ask your potential client to submit their information not only help you to collect lead response, but also will stimulate your sales growth.

5. Offer Access to valuable-information pages.

Offer special access to stimulate response works for business like publisher, stock or other information-valuable industry.  For those responders, information equals real dollar or opportunity to earn high profit.

6. Offer White-pagers or Webinars.

Prepare white-paper or hold webinar and use them as offer to ask your client to feedback their lead response will cost you nothing and also help you to win more high quality prospects.

Good luck for you to generate more leads online!

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6 Tips to Generate Lead via Online Survey

May 25th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Everybody knows that leverage internet is the most efficient way to do Marketing. And the most important thing of doing online marketing for company is generate more Leads.

Here are 6 tips of how to use online survey to generate more leads:

1. Questions. Define the criteria of being a lead for your company. Interest? Time frame? (Budget?). You need to build the online survey questions base on the result you want to get from potential customer.

2. Build  Online Survey. Since you have fully prepared the questions you want to ask. Put them together and build a survey with your company’s logo and masthead banner. and please DO include the lead related questions in your Survey.

3. Thank you page. You need to prepare Thank you page not only to thank the people who take the online survey but lead them to the link you want them to after they click the submit button.

4. Post your online survey. Post your survey to the place who people may highly interest. e.g. Linkedin Group, Facebook, or even blast a batch of email to reach the potential customer. The more related people or people who have the same interest the more leads may be generated by this survey.

5. Offer. Not everyone has an interest in taking themselves out of their comfort zone, especially you ask detail questions in survey. If you still want to get response from them, GIVE THEM A REASON! Offer is always needed. from white paper download to gift with company’s logo depends the target audience.

6. Follow up. After your online survey campaign finished, please do review the responses and do the follow up action not only for positive lead response, but for all people who responded. you can call them to make a official thanks or confirm the contact information to deliver gift, some leads hiding in there, believe me.

Good luck to generate more leads via online survey

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Increasing Sales Pipelines through Online Lead Generation

March 23rd, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

New sales leads are a quick way to increase profits and revenue. Making sales numbers consistently and predictably requires a consistent flow of leads. Learn how you can feed your sales organization with a steady flow of prospective customers.

Start with Basic Lead Generation

Start to fill your sales pipeline by attracting customers, targeted prospects. This can be achieved by providing information and services that these customers need to make decisions. This should be the objective of your sales lead generation platform.

Here is a simple framework to use in creating your first lead generation platform:

* Descriptive domain or URL
* Blog software
* Post keyword-based articles
* Add in interactive widgets (i.e., mortgage calculators)
* Highlight contact information

With this set-up you can, without any knowledge of SEO or web development, quickly get yourself into relevant Google search queries. Bringing in targeted customers to your organization with their searches. It will also validate and reinforce your other offline marketing efforts.

Learn the Sales Process Before Spending

The first reaction of most sales teams is to take the short-cut and start buying leads or traffic. The smarter approach is to learn how to handle and generate Internet leads and then begin spending.

Online customers are different and require a different sales process. So, learn how how to build a sales process that converts first–then think about spending more marketing dollars.

Certainly at start-up your own online lead generation efforts are not going to flush your sales team full of leads. To make this work you will need to subsidize your own lead generation.

Start with some inexpensive Internet leads. Start you practice with low risk, this allows you to refine your sales and lead management process. You will find that Internet leads and high volume sales pipelines need to be managed differently.

Achieve Quality, Then Scale

Once you have your lead generation in place, learn to subsidize this flow by buying leads, and optimizing your lead management. This will build up your sales lead generation capability.

While carefully tracking your lead performance and profits, begin to improve the quality of those leads. Improve your own lead generation as well as that of the leads you buy. Smartly scale your sales operations. To do this you need to closely monitor sale performance and metrics.

Be Creative

Once you have the basics down, you will get a steady flow of leads–start trying some more creative approaches. Test different lead generation techniques, alternate lead providers, and refined sales processes.

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Sales Lead Generation Online and Offline

March 17th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Lead generation is the very best way to build a list of potential customers. Any business relies on lead generation to grow and remain profitable, but there are many different ways to generate leads – both online and offline – and each has their advantages.

It is possible to outsource your lead generation to a third party company. These companies or individuals will then have to be paid a commission for each lead that they generate. The cost per lead will greatly depend upon the industry you are in as well as the value each lead has for you. This can be an expensive option however, and should only be chosen where budget allows. Lead outsourcing works both on the Internet and offline as well, although you will probably pay significantly more for offline lead generation due to the extra labor involved.

Buying lists from lead companies is a less expensive leads generation tactic. Just beware that the lists you are buying are current as they can become outdated rather quickly in some industries. Buying lists is a great choice if you are focusing on email marketing rather than direct marketing.

Internet marketing leads generation is possibly the most cost effective and often the most responsive way to generate leads. You can reach a massive audience of prospective clients and it is very easy to collect information from people. Simply collecting their name and email address from your site is an easy way to quickly build a huge list. By offering something for free as an incentive for them to sign up to your email marketing list, you increase the chances of more people registering. You can then easily send out emails to your prospects as often as you like.

If you are focusing solely on a local market rather than a larger one, then hosting community events is an excellent way to generate leads. Collecting demographic data is vital as well.

Customer referrals are an old but effective leads generation technique in the offline world (although it can also work online). Instructing your existing customers to tell their friends about your business is one of the best ways to gain more customers. Offering an incentive for this act is a fantastic way to encourage people to pass on their praise for you.

Leads generation both online and offline is the only true way to continue growing your business and future profit potential each and everyday.

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5 factors to fail Lead Generation

March 12th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

I was posted blog of ‘Top 5 Reasons Why Lead Generation Programs Fail‘ days ago, and got informative replies and comments by some Marketing Pro on what’s the top 5 factors to fail Lead Generation , very worth to share

1. Talent shorfalls (Dont know how, wrong skill sets, etc.)
2. Lack of vision (executive sponsorship and preferred future)
3. Lack of definition of success (sales-marketing alignment and pipeline responsibilities)
4. Process design (designed to do what its doing today, not what you want it to do tomorrow)
5. Strategic myopia (lack of bigger marketing and sales picture and demand generation vs. lead generation)
- Peter Tennis


1) Weak strategies, no best practices (how often, how long and what if scenario’s, email and voicemail) and inefficient prospecting system (spreadsheet, crm etc.).
2) A messenger that is does not know how to and does not see the benefit or believes it can be done successfully.
3) A message that is difficult to deliver, make sense of and to act upon.
4) The wrong audience for the message – The informant (knowledge), the influencer (gatekeeper) and the decision maker
5) Unclear objectives and no plan on how they will be achieved.
- John Chepyha


1) The leads are sent to the field improperly qualified. A couple leads that you have graded “Hot” which are not can quickly jade a sales person and give him/her an excuse to not call on any more from your campaign.
2) The leads are sent to the field late – after the prospect has forgotten about the interaction they had with your company.
3) The sales person does not know what to do with the lead, or how to conduct the next conversation.
4) the sales person has no context of the lead history. How did and why did this prospect interact with your organization?
5) The lead is sent to the wrong sales person or channel to begin with and they do not forward the lead in a timely manner.
6) Sales tools are not easily available to help move the lead to the next step in the buying cycle. This is particularly important with third party selling channels since they have too much on their plate to know where your tools are since they are dealing with many different manufacturers products.
- Greg Wilkinson


1. Most companies are not willing to invest the time, money or resources needed in the short-term to develop a long-term lead generation and nurturing program that may take anywhere between 6 to 18 months to begin paying off.
2. The wrong prospects are targeted and as Neeraj said, the list is not properly built.
3. Lead generation is done as cold calling and not as part of a bigger program or campaign that speaks to the needs/pain of the prospect vs. the “how great our company is and this is why you should buy from us” message.
4. The right quality of person is not hired to do lead generation. A good lead generation program uses skilled sales professionals vs. recent college graduates with no business experience.
5. A continuation of point #4, lead generation is seen as a high-pressure, entry or low level job with no room for advancement. Thus, the high burnout and turnover rate.
- Carla Joye


Bad database – majority of companies have database integrity issues
Lack of follow up – by sales and marketing
Poor program management – what are you trying to accomplish??
No nurturing  – hit and run marketing
Lack of a definition of a “lead”: hate to say it – basic blocking and tackling

- James Waters


1. List building is not done properly.
2. Lead generation is still not taken as a serious profession, so generally people take it as a time pass.
3. Top three mistakes, which managers make as per a survey, are: -
a. Providing product training not sales training.
b. Not providing a documented process supported by compelling sales tools.
c. Not providing coaching
4. High attrition rate, reps stay for an average 2.2 yrs as per a survey.
Top three reasons they leave are A. Money B. Lack of career path (most imp) C. No challenge, No mentor & not learning anything.
“Lead generation is taken as a fashion not a way of life”
5.Finally companies should understand Lead generation got nothing to do with closing, they should be paid, appraised, recognized according to the quality of leads they give.
79% of all the companies compensate their reps based on revenue.
Experts recommend that no more than 20% of the compensation be tied to revenue.
Its like pay them for what they control.
1. Doing a great job of targeting the right prospect.
2. Getting the prospect on a conference call or Demo (its not a joke)
3.Asking great questions
- Neeraj Taneja

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