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7 Tips for Small Business to start Email Marketing

August 12th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Today, I would like to share 7 Tips to help Small Business to start their own Email Marketing.

1. Be professional in Email. No one will know how ‘Small’ of your business will be via Email, it’s your chance to ‘act’ as brand company, decorate your Email as big company.

2. Hire  contractor to create a Email template. I highly suggest you to hire a professional designer to help you to create a trim, clean, organized, professional Email template.  It really worth to put a little mount of investment on here.

3. Keep your Email subject consistent.  If you want people get starting remember your Brand name. Keep it in-front of each eNewsletter. such as, XDXY eMarketing Tips: best email marketing tool

4. Leverage big company’s brand.  Since you are still small, some times you need to leverage big company’s brand as Partner of Google,  Reseller of IBM to get people’s trust.

5. Don’t SPAM! I know you are lack of email address at the beginning of Email Marketing, please keep in mind that NEVER SPAM, it will ruin your reputation, I bet you will regret for it.

6. Offer Valuable information to your subscriber. Don’t just spread your product information. provide something your subscriber might like. Otherwise they will start to unsubscribe your list soon.

7. Use efficient Email Marketing Tools.  It’s very important, get a good one at the beginning, otherwise you will waste much time in the future to move one Email Marketing Tool to another. That will be a TOUGH job, Believe me! I introduced 2 Email Marketing Tool for your reference:  AWeber & iContact.

Good luck!

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  1. Tamara Sloviaczek
    August 13th, 2009 at 21:50 | #1

    Tip #8 For Successful email marketing. Be brief. You have 4 seconds, about 40 words to get your customers to engage, to take you up on your offer or click to further content on your company’s website.

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