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6 Tips to drive offline sale via Email Marketing

October 7th, 2009 by XDXY eMarketing

Most of people awares of how Email Marketing can bring traffic to websites, how to improve online sale numbers by blasting email, and how much marketing dollar can be saved by leveraging Email Marketing. And I would like to say Email Marketing also helps on your offline sale.

Here I would like to share some tips to drive your offline sale via email marketing.

1. Keep using emails/newsletters to influence customers. We all agree that send email and newsletter can bring more orders online immediately. But have you ever considered it also influencing those people who are not buying now. Keep sending emails and delivering update messages regularly to make your customers remembers you in mind. They will definitely grab your product in the store when they have real needs.


2. Segment customer list by geography. Segment  your customer list will help you to understand more about your customer. Where your customers located? How’s their buying behavior? Make some analysis will help you figure out where the next store should be located, and what’s the best price strategy should apply for.

3. Offer exclusive discount to promote newly opened store. When you opening new store or want to promote the slack store. Find your customers around in your database by filter locations, and offer those customers exclusive, offline-only, time-limited discount will do help you to increase offline sale numbres.

4. Add details address & Map in email. You do want people to locate your stores which currently on promotion, right? Highlight the detail address in the email and better to attach a map which will help people to understand and get your place easily.

5. Earn more discount by refer to friend in email. Add function of ‘refer to a friend’ in your email and stimulate people forward it to their friends which will help themselves to win more special discount. ‘Word of mouth’ is a strong marketing tool in the world, it also works on Email Marketing successfully.

6. Make email printable.  Sometimes you provide promote code in  email and people need to print it out and bring it to the store to use. You need to make your email print-friendly so that people can use it smoothly.

Good luck to increase your offline sale by using Email Marketing!

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